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IBPS Bank PO Interviews: Regularly Asked Questions & How to Answer Them

Institute Of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) department conducts IBPS Bank Exam in two steps common written exam (CWE) and Interview. The ratio of Interview and CWE is 20:80. Participants who are successfully clear in IBPS exam they are called for interview. 

How to prepare for IBPS Exam Interview?

IBPS Interview preparation is a very spicy side for a participant after qualifying in written exams they all face an interview by participating organizations In which you all need to prove yourself. Check some excellent tips on Introduce yourself in ibps interview.

Ibps Interview schedule only for 15-20 minutes and in some cases it will be less than it so be prepared for less time and it is better to be well prepared and answer first few questions correctly and with confidence.

IBPS Questions for the interview will be different for all candidates they asked you questions about yourself, banking sector, general awareness, current affairs, etc. Here In this article, you can check IBPS new interview pattern with a different and easy way to understand the concept of upcoming bank interview through IBPS.


IBPS Frequently Asked Interview Questions

Those candidates who successfully qualified in the online written exam they are called for interview and department scheduled a team of 3-4 members for this. They asked you different types of questions such as

·         IBPS Interview questions based on your profile (About yourself / your education / your past work experience / your hobbies etc.)

·         IBPS Interview questions related to banking sector

·         Current Affairs Questions asked in IBPS Interview

·         IBPS Questions for experienced candidates related to previous jobs and terms

·         Local language-based questions and situation based questions asked in IBPS Interview.

Fundamental Questions Generally Asked:-

Q: Introduce yourself / tell me about yourself

A: There is greater chance that your first questions are tell me about yourself or introduce yourself. They want to know about your background and other details with this question. Many interviewers use answer of this question to ask second question.

 You must include below details in order to come up with a proper answer

·         Personal information: It shall include your name, parent’s designation.

·         Education: Mention the degree you completed, college name & city.

·         Work Experience (for experienced)

·         Any additional qualifications or achivements

·         Your hobby,if any

Q: Why you want to enter Banking Sector after IT OR Why Bank Jobs?

A: Banking is one of the fastest growing sectors in India providing a wide range of career opportunities to graduates like me.

 Since banks are now moving closer to customers, i feel it would give me job satisfaction by helping public. Also these govt. banks offer job security which is hard to find in other sectors.

 Q:  Will you leave this job if you get a better opportunity with other private bank or other organization?

A: This question could be asked in case you have high educational qualifications like MTech, MCA, MBA etc., or if your scores in BE/ BTech is high.

 I am looking for a stable career. So I won’t leave my present job in lieu of small monetary benefits as I am looking for job stability. When i have good career growth prospects in this industry, it isn’t necessary to quit.

Q: How you BE / B.Tech / MBA / MCA / B.Pharm / ME / M.Tech is going to help the bank?

A: As more candidates with professional degrees are appearing for bank interviews, this has become a common interview question.

 There must be a reason for all of you to apply for bank jobs. We suggest you to tell that real reason as the panel very well know about the dearth of jobs for Engg. graduates.

 So answers like, “Bank job has been my childhood dream OR To become a bank officer is my ambition” are laughable. Avoid them.

 You may tell something like these:

·         I have good technical knowledge so it will be easy for me to approach clients in those sectors.

·         Being from a professional college, I have good exposure of working in teams which is necessary in a bank environment.

·         My communication skills are quite good & i am confident of providing good customer services.

How you relate your field of study with banking job is the key to answer this question. So it is up to you to prepare a suitable answer.

 Q: What are your Strengths? 
I can adapt to situations based on the needs. Once i learn the concepts, I get involved with the work as motivate myself.

The above answer is only sample & wont suit all candidates. So you need to find what your strengths are because in some case the panel will cross question you depending on your response.

 Q: What are your weaknesses? 
 I get nervous when talking to strangers for the first few minutes. But after that short duration, i can adapt myself & communicate well with that person.

 You have to careful while revealing about your weakness. If you are going to say that, “I am an impatient person”, it will create a bad impression because you need to be patient while dealing with customers.  So choose an answer that won’t affect your chances of selection.


IBPS Bank PO Interviews: Regularly Asked Questions

1.     Introduce / Describe yourself?

2.    What is your father’s name & his job profile?

3.    Your family background?

4.    What are your hobbies and interests?

5.    If you will not get success this time then what will you do?

6.    About Your Educational background?

7.    About Your previous achievements?

8.    What is the Job Profile of bank PO?

9.    Why should I hire you?

10.  What do you know about banking?

11.  What is a Bank?

12.  What is Indian Economy?

13.  What is Indian Constitution?

14.  Why do you want to work in the Banking industry?

15.  Why do you want to join Banking sector?

16.  What qualities should one possess be a Bank officer? Do you think you have these qualities?

17.  Tell me about this organization?

18.  Who is the founder of this bank?

19.  When was this bank nationalized?

20.  Who is your ideal or a person who inspired you most?

21.  How will your professional knowledge be helpful in the Banking career?

22.  Do you have any plans for further education?

23.  Your strong and weak points?

24.  As a student of Science/Art/Commerce, why didn’t you go for higher studies?

25.  Newspapers and magazine which you prefer to read? Name the Editor of Newspaper?

26.  Why should we select you?

27.  Why do you want to be an Officer?

28.  Any girlfriend? If not then why?

29.  What is your idea of life?

30.  What is the importance of hobby in our life?

31.  What have you done if you face different language situation in future?

32.  Why could you not get success yet?

33.  Have you been cleared any exam before it?

34.  If you don’t get final selection in this examination to what would you do?

35.  Why don’t you join your family business?

36.  Do you handle pressure well?

37.  Do you have any location preferences?

38.  Your ideal person, leader, party and why?

39.  Does anybody serve in the banking industry from your family? If yes then who they are and in which bank they are serving?


Banking Related Questions in IBPS Interview

The interviewer also asked some IBPS banking related questions to check your knowledge about the banking sector and mainly focus on the big event and recently happens banking activity in market check some of the banking industry questions of IBPS interview given below.

·         Who is the Governor of Reserve Bank of India (RBI)?

·         Why do you want to join banking sector?

·         What are the basics of Monetary policy?

·         What are the functions of RBI?

·         Differences Between Clerk and PO

·         The difference between Check and Draft?

·         What is overdraft?

·         Difference between debit card and credit card

·         What is ‘Green Channel’?

·         Best General Knowledge Books for IBPS Exam.

·         What do you understand by KYC?

·         Any Ideas to improve Banking service?

·         What is Plastic currency?

·         What is an ATM?

·         What is a Debit card & a Credit card?

·         Different types of A/Cs and their features?

·         NABARD and its role.

·         What is a fixed deposit? (min and max periods for the same.)

·         What is TDR/STDR?

·         What is a gift card?

·         What is CBS?

·         Does CORE stand for?

·         What is Dubai Crisis?

·         What is the subprime crisis?

·         What is repo rate?

·         What is Reverse Repo?

·         What is Bank rate?

·         What is SLR?

·         What is CRR?

·         What is CBS (Core Banking Solution)?

·         What is ABSA account?

·         What is Call money rate?

·         What is prime lending rate?

·         What is e-commerce?

·         What is m-commerce?

·         What is marketing?

·         What is an NPA?

·         SAFRAESI Act

·         What are NBFCs?

·         About Online Banking?

·         About Mobile Banking?

·         CBS, SWIFT, IMPS ,NEFT, RTGS. What are their full forms, features, and benefits?

·         What are main points that make you better banker than people sitting outside?

·         What are the essential products or schemes launched by various banks recently?

·         How is your professional knowledge going to be useful for the bank?


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